Entries by Dylan Bishop

Fire & Safety Training

With Project K, we were given the opportunity to participate in 2 fire and safety training sessions. The training sessions involved us learning how to access fire hydrants, use the hydrants, stretchers, harnesses, fire fighting gear and we were even put into a specially engineered shipping containers to test ourselves in a live fire situation. […]

Going out for lunch

On a few occasions, Rochelle and I went out for lunch during my school lunchtime and got a mean feed of chicken and chips 😉 Our lunchtime feeds consisted of lengthy conversations regarding shared interests such as website design, and technology. I learnt a lot from Rochelle during these talks, especially within the web design arena. […]

Peak Trail Blazer

Rochelle and I decided to take part in the 2015 Peak Trail Blazer as a personal challenge rather than a competitive race. Our individual training consisted of the occasional walks and runs to the local store and that was about it. We opted for the largest challenge available on the day – a 12.8km run up […]